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About Aquatic Weeds

What are nuisance aquatic weeds?

1. They are non-native species that threaten the diversity or abundance of native species.

2. They interrupt the use of the water, whether it is used for agriculture, recreation, or commercial purposes.

3. They disrupt the ecological stability of the water body.

What types of damage can nuisance aquatic weeds cause?1

1. They can harbor dangerous toxins that pose a health risk.

2. They can create entanglement, causing safety issues for boaters and swimmers.

3. They can create areas of stagnant water, which are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This can increase the risk of insect-borne disease.

4. They can reduce water flow, making it difficult to use the water for irrigation.

5. They create an economic burden of more than $10 million per year.

Nuisance aquatic weeds can be difficult to control. They can clog boat propellers and create a hazard for swimmers.

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