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For Lake Users

Restore Lakefront Property Values. ProcellaCOR Can Help.

Living on a lake is supposed to be a laid-back, carefree experience. But what happens when invasive weeds take hold of your water body?

Enjoyment, recreational use, property value… It’s all diminished when pesky weeds have taken root.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about these issues for much longer. There are experts who can protect and restore this precious natural resource.

PRO Certified ProcellaCOR® Specialists are highly trained in selecting the best and safest technologies available to solve your aquatic weed problems. They’re the only companies certified to use ProcellaCOR.

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Nuisance aquatic weeds can be difficult to control. They can clog boat propellers and create a hazard for swimmers.

Which nuisance aquatic weed is plaguing your lake?

Talk to a PRO Certified ProcellaCOR Specialist today about getting the water you deserve. Don’t settle for ugly water. Don’t settle for unsafe water. Control nuisance weeds without use restrictions. Finally. With ProcellaCOR.