For Water Resource Managers

ProcellaCOR: A different way to manage aquatic weeds. See for yourself.

ProcellaCOR is a groundbreaking new product that can only be implemented by a SePRO ProCertified Specialist.

ProCertified Specialists are individuals who are highly skilled and trained in the use of ProcellaCOR and overall stewardship of water bodies.

They are certified to diagnose, prescribe, and implement ProcellaCOR.

They are employees or owners of licensed companies that undergo comprehensive training, participate in annual training events, and must pass rigorous examinations.

Talk to a SePRO technical specialist for more information about the ProCertified Applicator program.

Variable Milfoil treated with ProcellaCOR (one week post-treatment)

ProCertified Applicators use ProcellaCOR for effective treatment of: