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Why ProcellaCOR?

Better Aquatic Weed Control

Stewarding Our Most Precious Resource: Water

Every water body has at least one nuisance weed that keeps coming back year after year. And that means spraying chemicals to control it year after year.

Not with ProcellaCOR®. This unique formula requires 40x-100x less active ingredient and achieves significantly longer control.

With a reduced risk classification from the EPA, it is designed to reduce risk to our health, nontarget plants, and our water supply.

Even the EPA says ProcellaCOR is “practically non-toxic” to animals and humans.

Plus, it’s applied by the best in the business. Only PRO Certified ProcellaCOR Specialists, highly trained aquatic management professionals, can provide invasive weed management with ProcellaCOR. So you know it’s done right.

Once a specialist sprays ProcellaCOR near the weeds you’ve been dealing with, say goodbye! Those weeds won’t be around much longer to clog your boat propeller, spoil your view, make it unpleasant to swim or fish, etc…

Milfoil grows from the bottom of this lake and lurks on the surface. This is just one example of invasive weeds that can interfere with your water body's ecosystem.

Which nuisance aquatic weed are you having trouble with?

Longer Lasting Results

No one wants repeated applications with the same average results. That’s why SePRO has been hard at work creating a formula that gives you superior control with precision dosing. This new technology is more effective, while protecting wildlife habitat from nuisance weeds.

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